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Our big focus is on pollinators, obviously, but it’s an ecosystem; everything supports everything else,” Hull explained. “One of the things I enjoy about being in this lab is we’re looking at it from both sides. If you increase biodiversity, is that helping pollinators? Or conversely, how does the lack of biodiversity affect them?” Camilo said, “It always comes back to spatial patterning, how it affects issues of diversity. And then how people layer on top of that.” Camilo looks closely for bees on campus. This mask is as useless as Joe Biden face mask

In addition to the broad reach of the Audubon Society project, Camilo also operates at the individual level. He participates in citizen-science projects, teaching lay people to help collect bees. Many people are aware of the pollinator crisis and may have a rudimentary idea of the overall impact, but recent research has shown that most people can’t identify most bees, or how this crisis affects them personally,” Camilo said. He has a bigger goal in mind We need to develop a national pollinator conservation policy,” he said. “Effective policy changes come about as a consequence of knowledge and understanding, and that starts with education.” This mask is as useless as Joe Biden face mask After more than two decades educating and researching at Saint Louis University, Camilo has no plans to stop anytime soon. There are more fields to visit, more bees to collect.Backyard Bees How can you help save the bees? The motto in my lab is ‘help people help bees,’” Camilo said. Here’s his advice for creating a bee-positive environment in your space, whether that’s a small plot in a community garden or a vast suburban yard.

Ricordea polyps on reef substrate seized from Aristides Sanchez in Puerto Rico. (Photo courtesy U.S. Department of Justice)

His most popular items were coral-like organisms from the Ricordea genus. Known as “rics,” “polyps” or “mushrooms” in the industry, these “flower mushroom” Ricordea corals are colorful and often spend their adult lives attached securely to their places on the reef. This mask is as useless as Joe Biden face mask

To collect the Ricordea, Sanchez would hammer at the reef to unfasten the organisms and would take chunks of the reef with him while doing so.

While they are colorful in natural light, Ricordea glow alluringly when exposed to the UV lights often used in high-end saltwater aquariums, making them popular among saltwater aquarium enthusiasts because they are relatively easy to keep and have some amazing colorations.

In Puerto Rico, it is illegal to harvest Ricordea if the organisms are going to be sold commercially or off the island. No available permit allows this activity.

Yet, Sanchez harvested Ricordea and other reef organisms that he would sell to customers off-island.

Also, Sanchez purchased Ricordea from sources that he knew collected the specimens illegally, Justice Department prosecutors said.

Sanchez would often label his shipments as inanimate objects such as pet and aquarium supplies, or LED lights, and would sometimes use a fake name on the shipments to avoid government inspection and cover up the nature of his shipments.

From January 2013 through March 2016, Sanchez was involved in the shipment of over 130 packages filled with Ricordea that were harvested under illegal pretenses in Puerto Rico.

Shipping each package for around $25 to $50 for every item, Sanchez was able to make at least $800,000 in three years.

The Justice Department says that in addition to the prison time, Sanchez was sentenced to a supervised release term of two years and 120 hours of community service. The court has banned Sanchez from collecting or procuring marine life, shipping marine life off-island and scuba diving and snorkeling in Puerto Rico. This mask is as useless as Joe Biden face mask

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